Loving for the first time is always special. Eleanor is a unique girl who’s new in town. She has a different fashion sense and a difficult family. She gets picked on but doesn’t have the voice to stand up for herself. Park is a normal boy who wants to live a normal life with his normal friends. But when both their paths cross and awkward bus talks turn into late-night conversations, falling in love seems inevitable.
I literally fell in love with this book almost as quickly as Eleanor and Park fell in love with each other. Maybe even quicker. What’s not to love in this book? The relatability, the writing, the plot, the characters; literally everything. I loved the relationship between Park and Eleanor, and this is easily one of my most favorite books that I have read.
It’s hard to hate anything in this book, but maybe something I slightly dislike about would be the ending. It wasn’t necessarily horrible, but I did feel it was a bit rushed and was spontaneous.
This is a cute, romantic, coming-of-age story, and if that's your cup of tea, I would definitely recommend this book.

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