Eleanor and Park: two highschoolers who fall drastically in love with each other. They were perfect for each other, they shared comic books, music, opinions everything! Expect their lives outside of school. Eleanor lives in a small house with her alcoholic dad which she hates, her mom whom she loves and her younger siblings whom she cares for so much. Park lives with his mom, brother and dad who expects him to be a man.
Eleanor and Park soon clarify their relationship as a couple and Park introduces Eleanor to his family. His family takes time to like Eleanor but soon enough they accept her. But Eleanor doesn't introduce Park to her family, she's too embarrassed to do so and her family would be so mad if they found out about her boyfriend. Park is curious about Eleanor's personal life, but he doesn't ask her about it.
But things at home becomes too serious and Eleanor is forced to tell Park everything about her personal life, Eleanor says she has to run away because her father has gotten out of control. Park is sad and angry but he agrees to drive her to her uncle's house.
Park and Eleanor spend their last moments together and try to make it as long as possible.
Eleanor leaves and Park leaves, the two star crossed lovers leave each other against their own will.

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