Birth is always stained by death. And death, in turn, is simply one element of birth
and not even the most dramatic one. ... You want a child? Every new life calls for a life to be lost. The equilibrium of the world must be maintained.
Who sings with such a beautiful voice? Where have you been hiding all this time?
... Don't hide! Stay out in the sunlight. Please, stay out to warm your cold king. Oh I see! So you want to play hard to get. Well, so be it. I have fought many wars in my time. And even the most impregnable fortress surrenders at last.
Before long you will be old enough to be married and then you will depart these walls forever.
-Well... If that is indeed the case, then find me a husband.
A husband? What sort of husband would you like?
-Well... I'd like my husband to be courageous and strong and... handsome.
I'm sure such a man exists, but until we find him, please, do not agitate yourself over a future none of us can predict. ...

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