Angel Catbird
Angel Catbird [Vol. 1] By Atwood, Margaret, 1939- Graphic Novel - 2016 | First edition.

Margaret Atwood was apparently trying to create an homage to the Golden Age of comics. There's just one problem: the Golden Age ended for a reason. Having the villains be purely evil and the heroes be purely good came to be looked upon quite cynically as time went by and the medium matured. Readers of all ages began to crave the ambiguity that marks the stories that began coming out in the '70s and reached their apotheosis with Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns. To return to this simplicity of character and match it with simplicity of dialogue (seriously, I've read enough Atwood to know that she can actually write good dialogue and not the childlike dreck that oozes from the pages of this book) is to pretend that the last decades of evolution of comics never occurred.

It made reading this painful, simply painful. If you'd like something that calls back to the Golden Age while still being, you know, actually good, check out All Star Superman.

The art was fine.

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