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Help A Thief!
And Other Misadventures in Punctuation
Book - 2021
The Adventure of English
The Biography of A Language
Book - 2016
Nine Nasty W*rds
English in the Gutter : Then, Now, and Forever
Book - 2021
The Story of Be
A Verb's-eye View of the English Language
Book - 2017
Hyphens & Hashtags
The Stories Behind the Symbols on Our Keyboards
Book - 2021
Word by Word
The Secret Life of Dictionaries
Book - 2017
The Cabinet of Calm
Soothing Words for Troubled Times
Book - 2020
Around the World in 80 Words
A Journey Through the English Language
Book - 2018
That's Not English
Britishisms, Americanisms, and What Our English Says About Us
Book - 2015
Talk on the Wild Side
The Untameable Nature of Language
Book - 2018
From Family Jewels to Friendly Fire : What We Say Instead of What We Mean
Book - 2010
Words That Go Ping
The Ridiculously Wonderful World of Onomatopoeia
Book - 2018
Between You & Me
Confessions of A Comma Queen
Book - 2015
Shady Characters
Ampersands, Interrobangs and Other Typographical Curiosities
Book - 2015
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