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RR_Prof added a title to their For later shelf Sep 27 2020
In the bustling city of Paris, a small yet brave dog, Diva, and an adventurous cat named Flea become two unlikely friends.
RR_Prof made a comment Aug 25 2020
"A beautiful book with heartbreaking content. Racism told through the eyes of a child, I found the section where Nisha describes her own changing views "I used to think of people by their names, and what they looked like, or what they did. Sah..." Permalink
RR_Prof created a list Jun 02 2020
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Anti-Racism and Diversity

"Books to help children process and discuss race relations and explore cultural diversity. These items range from picture books, younger and older fiction to see and hear black, indigenous, and people of colour's stories, develop kindness and empat..."
RR_Prof made a comment Nov 17 2019
"I'm a sucker for a dystopian future, and this book does not disappoint. With "factions" similar to Hunger Games, this book takes familiar teen themes and makes them appropriate for a younger audience. We have a world without bees, wher..." Permalink
RR_Prof rated a title Nov 17 2019
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