A Long Walk to Water

Based on a True Story : a Novel
Jul 10, 2020gurleen03 rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
“A Long Walk to Water” by Linda Sue Park is an adventurous story that involves optimism within the characters. The story is separated into two parts: one is about a boy, Salva, and the other is about a girl, Nya, from Sudan. Being part of the Nuer tribe, Nya is held responsible for carrying water from a pond by foot twice a day since the region has a scarce amount. She didn’t get the privilege to go to school since it was only for boys. A wall was later built where she received water, by a man for quality water and Nya was happy. The man who built the wall was no other than Salva. Salva, on the other side, experienced a shooting during school when the Sudanese Civil War occurred and had to escape with his teacher and classmates. He stays with the refugee camps and unknowingly, he finds out that his uncle is part of the refugee. The uncle tells him that Salva's village was burned and his family might have died. Salva encounters many losses and struggles during the refugee and he has to preserve. Salva’s journey involves going to different places and eventually he meets Nya again. This book was very interesting and gave me inspiration from how the two characters dealt with their hardships. There were moments where my tears started to drop, showing the heartfelt emotions it has. I would highly recommend reading this book since the lessons are insightful and reflective of perseverance during challenges that we can learn upon, regardless of one’s age.