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Apr 26, 2021SAPL_Teens rated this title 2.5 out of 5 stars
We Were Liars is a novel published in 2014 written by critically acclaimed writer E. Lockhart. This novel revolves around the seemingly perfect, wealthy Sinclair Family. The themes of this book are self-acceptance, how actions can create severe consequences, and family morals. I became interested in reading this novel when I heard this was a popular novel in high demand. I wanted to find out what the hype was all about ! I had high hopes, however I am not quite sure if it met my expectations. There were a few elements that I liked: there is a map and a family tree at the start of the novel (that cleared up some of my confusion), I liked the use of fairy tales to describe the situations the main characters were going through and the mystery of it all (which kept me reading). I think this novel is worth reading, however it was not to my taste. I did not like how choppy some sentences were and how some were repeated too many times… I also did not like some of the characters, I found them quite boring and simple. Many of my classmates recommended this book to me and they loved the plot twist at the end (I will not spoil it), but it really did not speak to my interests. Overall, I think this book has an audience of its own. I personally am not recommending this book :( I do not quite understand the hype, maybe it is just me? 2.5/5 stars - SAPL Read It & Review Contributor