May 02, 2021
A group of privileged young boys lands on an island with no adults in sight. At first, it seems surreal. No adults, no rules, no regulations. The island was theirs to rule, and they could do whatever they wanted. However, it was soon understood that rules were the bedrock of a well-ordered society. The boys tried to follow the rules - but things fell apart much faster than they could ever predict. I really liked this book. I re-read it recently and was surprised at all the underlying themes that I missed on my first read-through. The characters are incredibly deep, with a lot of different tendencies and morals that the book tries to highlight. It is very important to realize that The Lord of the Flies goes beyond its plot. It has a much deeper message embedded, about human tendencies to go back to their roots. It also tries to answer the age-old question: Does society make Humans human, or does Society make humans animals? This age-old debate is answered in this book. Rating: 3/5 Recommended for age 13 and up - Scenes of death.