Nov 22, 2014gvenkatesh rated this title 1.5 out of 5 stars
A novel that will likely be appreciated only by a very specific audience - over-imaginative women that are very articulate in their minds but unable to communicate clearly to even their best friends, who obsess over being a victim with the regularity one pushes against a sore gum to see if it still hurts. They are the only ones who can possibly identify with the protagonist and feel her fear or hurt for most of the book. Rest, especially men, will find it a torturous read and are better off skipping it altogether. The protagonist's thoughts, to which the reader is exposed in a diary format in detail, will seem more annoying than the stalking (by the subject YOU in the title which hints at the obsession) experienced by her until the events at the very end. The ending is designed to validate the victimized or helpless feelings (real or imagined) of the target audience than to provoke thoughts of how to get out of it better than the protagonist is able to. As such the book has very little redeeming value to justify the torture. The star and a half is for the realistic depiction of the confused and obsessive mind of the protagonist even if it fails to evoke much empathy from any reader outside the target audience.