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TitleSubtitleAuthorFormatCall No.
Paris matchMagazine or JournalFRE PAR
AbitareMagazine or JournalITA ABI NO.601 JAN/FEB 2021
Raw VisionMagazine or Journal709 RAW
Vogue ParisMagazine or JournalFRE VOG
EyeThe International Review of Graphic DesignMagazine or Journal741.6 EYE
FAO YearbookTrade = FAO Annuaire. Commerce = FAO Anuario. ComercioMagazine or Journal338.1 FOO
FAO Trade YearbookAnnuaire FAO Du Commerce = Anuario FAO De ComercioMagazine or Journal338.1 FOO
Art InternationalMagazine or Journal705 ART
Energy Statistics YearbookMagazine or Journal333.79 ENE
ParkettMagazine or Journal705 PAR
IFLA JournalInternational Federation of Library Associations and InstitutionsMagazine or Journal020 INT
The Journal Of Pacific HistoryMagazine or Journal990.5 JOU
Notes on the Distribution of the Takahe (Notornis Mantelli) in the Murchison Ranges, Te AnauWisely, Baughan, 1924-Magazine or Journal507 REC
AnthropologicaMagazine or Journal759.993 HOT
Studies in ConservationÉtudes De ConservationMagazine or Journal702.88 STU
Notes on the Occurrence in New Zealand of Volvulina Steinii Playfair and Species of Volvox LinnaeusPocock, M. A.Magazine or Journal507 REC
New Zealand Muscidae AcalyptrataePart 1, Ephydridae. Part 2, SapromizidaeTonnoir, A. L.Magazine or Journal507 REC
Officiel de la couture et de la mode de ParisMagazine or JournalFRE OFF
Michelin FranceMagazine or Journal944 MIC
Annuaire officiel du télécomunications Nouvelle-CalédonieMagazine or Journal4 NEW.C 01
Annuaire officiel du téléphone de Polynesie FrançaiseMagazine or Journal4 FRE 01
Samoa telephone directoryMagazine or Journal4 SAM 01
World Health Statistics AnnualAnnuaire De Statistiques Sanitaires MondialesMagazine or Journal312.2 WOR
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