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Adolescent Volcanoes

Helping Adolescents and Their Parents to Deal With Anger

Pudney, Warwick
Book, 2014

152.47 PUD

Adolescent Volcanoes

Helping Adults and Adolescents Handle Anger

Pudney, Warwick
Book, 2001

152.47 PUD

Never Get Angry Again

The Foolproof Way to Stay Calm and in Control in Any Conversation or Situation

Lieberman, David J.
Book, 2019

152.47 LIE

Overcoming Anger and Irritability

A Self-help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques

Davies, William, 1950-
Book, 2016

152.47 DAV

The Breaking

Heyman, Kathryn, 1965-
Book, 2021


Women of A Certain Rage

Life Stories

Book, 2021

152.47 WOM

Men Making Changes

Breaking the Cycle of Anger and Abuse in Family Relationships

Kay, Douglas
Book, 2020

362.829 DOU

Rage Becomes Her

The Power of Women's Anger

Chemaly, Soraya L.
Book, 2018

155.333 CHE

The CBT Handbook

[a Comprehensive Guide to Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to Overcome Depression, Anxiety and Anger]

Myles, Pamela
Book, 2015

616.8914 MYL

Managing Anger With CBT for Dummies

Bloxham, Gillian
Book, 2013

152.47 BLO


A Novel

Rushdie, Salman, 1947-
Book, 2001



Charles, Ashley Dotty
Book, 2020

303.38 CHA

Saturdays at Noon

Marks, Rachel
Book, 2020


How to Stop Losing your Sh*t With your Kids

Effective Strategies for Stressed Out Parents

Naumburg, Carla
Book, 2019

649.1 NAU

New Yorked

Hart, Rob (Fiction writer)
Book, 2015


Anger Management for Everyone

Ten Proven Strategies to Help You Control Anger and Live A Happier Life

Tafrate, Raymond Chip
eBook, 2019


Mindfulness and the Art of Managing Anger

Meditations on Clearing the Red Mist

Fisher, Mike (Anger management expert)
Book, 2018

152.47 FIS

Mindfulness for Anger Management

Transformative Skills for Overcoming Anger and Managing Powerful Emotions

Dansiger, Stephen
Book, 2018

152.47 DAN


How to Calm An Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less

Noll, Douglas, 1950-
Downloadable Audiobook, 2017


Anger Management for Dummies

Elliott, Charles H., 1948-
eBook, 2015


Understanding Anger

Streaming Video, 2013


Anger Management for Everyone

Seven Proven Ways to Control Anger and Live A Happier Life

Tafrate, Raymond Chip
Book, 2013

152.47 TAF

Rage Behind the Wheel

Look at Teen Drivers and Road Rage

Streaming Video, 2008


No More Anger

McMahon, Gladeana, 1954-
eBook, 2007


C.A.G.E. the Rage

Streaming Video, 2007


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